School Sport Organising Crew


Our School Sport Organising Crew will help develop, organise and promote school sport and intra-school competitions (competitions within the school) throughout Cirencester Primary School.



They will also:

  • Contribute to decisions about sporting activities and sports competition in Cirencester Primary School.
  • Organise and run an after school club.
  • Air views and have opinions listened to by children and adults.
  • Influence and shape school sport for other children in Cirencester Primary School.


Please listen to their ideas and share your ideas with them.


At Cirencester Primary School we are passionate about sport and aim to provide our children with as many sporting opportunities as possible during their time with us.


All children do at least 2 hours of curriculum P.E. (see Curriculum section for more information) each week. In addition to this we provide after-school clubs covering a wide range of sports and also take groups of children to various different competitions and festivals with other schools such as indoor athletics, cricket tournaments, gymnastics competitions and dance festivals.


Please use the left hand menu to see photos of some of these different events.


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