About Cirencester Primary School

  • We have a strong International dimension to our school, with established links with schools in several countries around the world


  • The children are organised into year groups according to their age


  • We have 2 evenly balanced classes in each year group


  • Children are organised into ability groups for Maths, Phonics (KS1) and some Literacy lessons


  • Each class has an experienced Teacher and support from a Teaching Assistant


  • Each phase has a higher level Teaching Assistant who helps to support children with Special Educational Needs


  • Each class in Key Stage 1 has a maximum of 30 children


  • The primary school is organised into 3 phases, Ready! Steady! and Go!


  • Children are organised into 6 houses, which they will remain in whilst at school. Each house is named after a river – Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi, Thames, Nile, and Ganges
Year Phase
Cherry Trees Nursery Ready! Phase
Reception Ready! Phase
Year 1 Ready! Phase
Year 2 Ready! Phase
Year 3 Steady! Phase
Year 4 Steady! Phase
Year 5 Go! Phase
Year 6 Go! Phase
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