Physical Education (P.E.)

We are extremely lucky that we have a dedicated Physical Education specialist who teaches PE throughout the school. All children will take part in at least two hours of Physical Education lessons each week.


These lessons will cover a range of sports including Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Invasion games (e.g. rugby, football, netball) and Striking games (e.g. rounders, cricket, tennis).


Children will work on basic skills such as agility, coordination and balance through these different sports as well as working on their teamwork skills and their understanding of the rules of the different games.


Children in Year 3 and 5 also go swimming at the local leisure centre for a 15 week block during the year.


Pupils are given the opportunity to further their sporting skills through many sports based extra curricular clubs and sporting events and competitions against other local schools. Please see our Sports page for more details of these events. 

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