At Cirencester Primary School we teach Maths using the new National Curriculum. The programmes of study within the new curriculum are arranged into the following areas:

  • Number
    • Number and place value
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Multiplication and division
    • Fractions
    • Ratio and proportion (Year 6)
    • Algebra (Year 6)
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
    • Properties of shape
    • Position and direction
  • Statistics (from Year 2 upwards)


Within all of these areas, children are provided with a range of opportunities to solve problems and use their investigative skills. We use a resource called STOPS ( to provide opportunities for pupils to talk about their maths; explaining their methods and drawing conclusions from their findings. Within the activities and tasks in this scheme, children will solve problems using the following methods:

  • Act it out
  • Trial and error
  • Trial by improvement 
  • List or table
  • Pattern
  • Simplify 
  • Working backwards
  • Algebraic 


We also have a strong focus on children's mental ability in maths and pupils regularly practise their arithmetic skills. Any extra times tables practise which children can do at home is hugely beneficial to them in their maths work. 


Children are taught maths every day and, dependent on their year group, are taught in their usual classes or organised into ability groups for this subject. Within the new curriculum the focus is very much on depth of understanding so it is very unlikely that your child will be moved onto the objectives from the next year group. Instead, pupils are provided with mastery activities which will provide them with a deeper understand of the mathematical concept being taught. 




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