We teach three separate areas of English at Cirencester Primary School, which all combine together to develop children who have a good level of Literacy skills to move forward to secondary school with.


These three areas are as follows:

Reading – Children begin to learn to read using a synthetic phonics programme ‘Letters and Sounds’. Children practise becoming more fluent readers though individual and group reading sessions using high quality texts and also through our online reading schemes ‘Bug Club’ and 'Accelerated Reader'. As children move through the school the focus moves more onto the comprehension skills of reading, with children developing their understanding of characters, plot and authors’ writing styles. We have a fantastic school library which further enhances the love of reading for our pupils.


Writing – We have recently introduced a 'Storytelling' approach to writing which uses drama and oral retelling of stories to aid children with their own writing. Children will be exposed to a variety of writing genres such as poetry and non-fiction as well as different types of stories. Texts chosen will often be linked to children’s current topics in class.


SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) – SPAG teaches children to have a technical understanding of how the English language works. As well as being able to spell words correctly, use a wide range of vocabulary and punctuate well, children are taught the meaning of grammatical terms such as noun, verb, adjective, prefix, pronoun and adverb. They are also taught what phrases and clauses are and how to use them, to understand what connectives are and how they work and to know how to turn a question into a command.


Please use the links on the left to find out more about Phonics, Bug Club, Accelerated Reader and Storytelling.

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