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Management & Administration


Executive Headteacher - Mrs Wendy Foster 

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Ceri Baggus

SENco - Mrs Zoe Ellis

Partnership Schools Business Manager - Mrs Julia White 

Finance and Personnel Administrator - Mrs Anne Hobson

Administrator - Ms Gill Mackellar

‘Cherry Trees Nursery’ Administrator - Mrs Louise Rachael

Site Manager - Mr Tim Reynolds

Chair of Governors - Jonny Hill


Ready! Phase


Key Stage 1 Leader of Learning – Mrs Sally Duffield

Buds & Blossom Classes  (Cherry Trees Nursery)

England Class Teachers (Reception) – Mrs Sally Duffield

Mrs Liz Wilkinson

Scotland Class Teacher (Reception) – Mrs Sharon Hooper

Jersey Class Teacher - Mrs Keely-Anne Locke

Wales Class Teacher (Year 1) - Miss Sophie Hurst

Ireland Class Teacher (Year1) – Miss Georgia Mercier

Holland Class Teacher (Year 2) – Mr Luke Palmer

Greece Class Teacher (Year 2) - Mrs Amanda Pritlove

Mrs Emily Bowden

Steady! Phase


Leader of Learning – Mrs Jo Smith

 France Class Teacher (Year 3) - Miss Katherine Warner

Spain Class Teacher (Year 3) – Mrs Hannah Wilderspin

Sweden Class Teacher (Year 4) – Mr Ewan Johnson

Italy Class Teacher (Year 4) – Mrs Sue Gryspeerdt (Mon-Wed)

      - Ms Caitlin Hardy (Thurs-Fri)


Go! Phase


Leader of Learning – Mrs Jo Smith

Brazil Class Teacher (Year 5) - Miss Casey Black

China Class Teacher (Year 5) – Mrs Jo Smith

Mrs Claire Cleaver

India Class Teacher (Year 6) – Mrs Wendy Berrell

 Ghana Class Teacher (Year 6) – Mrs Sarah Scott

                                                  - Mrs Ceri Baggus

                                                 – Mrs Gillian Dalgleish-Smith



PE Teacher (Year 4) – Mr Andy Archer


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